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  KT Racing specializes in manufacturing high-quality, high-performance aftermarket suspension.
Through the design, development, and manufacturing stages, our products are put through rigorous checks to ensure customers receive a high quality product. They are tested in the real world in a variety of conditions. The test data obtained is analysed and used to make improvements, giving the driver more control, comfort and safety.
KT Racing possesses extensive experience in both ODM (Original Design Manufacture), and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). We know that you cannot use a "one size fits all" solution for suspension design, and develop specific solutions for each model of car we produce products for. We can also offer customized service, setting spring and damping rates to match a customer’s requirements.
It is the common goal of the KT Racing team to continuously enhance service quality, maintain market competitiveness, and create quality suspension systems meeting customers' demands.
KT Racing is a highly efficient, winning team!